Luca Esposito (ルカ エスポジト, Ruka Esupojito) is a member of Group B-5.

Appearance Edit

Luca has pale skin with lavender shoulder-length hair and grey eyes. His crust suit, made by SMB and designed as a general-fit bodysuit, is mostly neon-green and blue with yellow outlines on it.

Personality Edit

An artistic person by nature, Luca enjoys working with his hands, and serves as Group B-5's craftsman on their journey home, creating a lance and a bow and arrows on the planets Vilavurs and Arispade, respectively. He claims to dislike children, a detail he voiced at Mousanish Spaceport when he asked why a ten-year-old girl was joining their group, although her presence seems to grow on him as the trip elapses. He also has a penchant for curiosity, to the point of wanting to examine something that catches his eye, despite not knowing what it is; as a result of this, he is the first one to be pulled through the orb on McPa, having walked up to it and touched it of his own volition.

Plot Edit

In 2063 A.D., Luca gathers at Mousanish Spaceport along with the other members of Group B-5 except for Aries Spring and Kanata Hoshijima, the former who joins them shortly afterward and introduces herself. The teacher then introduces Quitterie Raffaelli and her younger sister Funicia Raffaelli who will be joining them as part of a unique task to take care of and teach a younger child. However, Luca voices his objection and says he does not like kids. Funicia then takes out her puppet and begins to badmouth him much to his surprise. Once Kanata has finally arrived, the group then boards their spaceship to begin their four-hour journey to Planet McPa. Upon landing, they exit the spaceship and walk around for a bit when Luca points out a strange globe that's been approaching them, calling the group's attention to it. He walks up to and touches it only to get sucked in by it and sent into outer space.

They are able to find a nearby spaceship and upon collecting their luggage, they are able to board it safely. When Kanata asks if everyone is here and if they're hurt, Zack Walker says that there is one person missing. Ulgar Zweig looks outside and sees that Aries is still floating outside, with her thrusters and communications unable to work. Kanata volunteers to go out and rescue Aries while the rest of the group watch over the cord tying him to the ship. He is able to successfully grab Aries and bring her back to the ship where she thanks him repeatedly. As the group wonders how they can get out of their situation, Zack is working on the ship's coordinates and finds some disturbing information. He says that they are no longer above Plane McPa and that they are 5,012 light-years away from their original location. The group could do nothing but react with shock at this news.

On the third planet, he reveals to Ulgar that he is the adopted son of the politician Marco Esposito, and he reacts with shock. Later, Ulgar threatens to kill Luca with a gun, in order to pay back Marco Esposito for killing his beloved older brother. Luca reveals to Ulgar that his father doesn't love him, because Luca is both intersex and adopted. Ulgar then gives up trying to kill Luca, but a giant tidal wave comes crashing in and sweeps them away. Luca tries to hold on to Ulgar to prevent him from drowning, but Ulgar tries to get him to let go. Luckily, they are found by the other members of the ship and rescued.

When they get back on the ship, Ulgar apologizes to Luca, who teases him ALOT


Art skills - Luca has a wide variety of miscellaneous skills that are useful on the ship. He drew the map of the Astra, cuts everyone's hair, and fixed a hair clip for Funicia. And he has that glue gun or whatever.


Marco Esposito Edit

Both aren't on good terms due to the fact that Luca isn't completely male. Marco neglects him.

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Ulgar ZweigEdit

At the beginning of series they don't have a lot of interaction but they start on Arispade. Ulgar pointed a gun at Luca's head, saying that Marco Esposito killed his brother; also saying that if he kills Luca, the "heir", Marco will understand how it feels to lose someone. Luca then reasons with him and proves that he isn't the heir and reveals that he is intersex. After this incident, Luca tends to tease Ulgar and are close. This is also shown when Luca reveals that Ulgar crashed at his place after the seven year timeskip.

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