Kanata Hoshijima (カナタ ホシジマ Kanata Hoshijima?) is the leader of Group B-5.

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Kanata has a fair complexion with black spiky hair and brown eyes. He has a small scar on the bridge of his nose. His crust suit, a standard men's make by Falken designed with athletics in mind, is mostly red, white, and blue.

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Kanata is a steadfast, deeply driven person, to the point that he will take risks, no matter how extreme, to save those he cares about. Whether or not he feels confident, he exudes confidence anyway, to the end that he might be seen and acknowledged as a reliable leader by those around him.

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Kanata was raised by his father Rei, a professional athlete who suffered an injury that ended his promising career in athletics; he raised Kanata to be the athlete he could not be, but his assertiveness drove Kanata away from him as a result. In school, he grew attached to a teacher of his and derived many of his core ideology from him. His teacher's death on a camping trip devastated Kanata, but his teacher's last words to him, telling him to be strong when all seems lost and asking him to go to space, left an undeniable mark on him. Believing that he needed to become stronger to prevent such a thing from happening again, he returned to his father and demanded that they resume his training, which subsequently in him becoming one of the world's foremost teenage decathletes.

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Main StorylineEdit

In 2063 A.D. at the Mousanish Spaceport, he hears the cries of Aries Spring who had her purse snatched away by a thief. He chases after the thief and is able to knock him down after leaping over a fountain. He gives the purse back to Aries who begins to thank him, but he is carried away by a group of patrol-bots for assault and battery. Sometime later after he is cleared, the patrol-bots carry him to where Group B-5 is meeting and he introduces himself. He also proclaims himself as the captain of the group, much to some objections by the other students.

They then board a spaceship and begin their four-hour journey to Planet McPa. Once everyone is given permission to move freely around the cabin, Kanata is approached by Aries who thanks him for his help. When she asks him what made him decide he wants to be the captain of the group, Kanata says that he wants to become a space explorer with his own spaceship and crew. He then says that he is only taking on the dreams of a person who had passed away and has made it his own aspiration. Aries is moved by this and says that she will cheer him on. Sometime later, the spaceship lands on Planet McPa and the group steps outside to walk around, taking in the vast landscape. Luca Esposito points out a strange globe that's been approaching them, he is however sucked in by it. Kanata tells everyone to run and to reactivate their helmets, but the whole group is caught and sent into outer space.

After confirming everyone's status, they see a spaceship which they promptly board for safety. He asks if everyone is inside and if they are hurt, but Zack Walker notes that one person is missing. Ulgar Zweig looks out the window and sees Aries still floating in space, with her thrusters and communication system not working. As everyone wonders what they can do in this situation, Kanata remembers back to the day that his teacher fell to his death. He then makes his resolve to go out and rescue Aries with the help of a cable cord to keep him attached to the ship.

As he got closer to Aries, he finds that the cord is not long enough and unclips himself to reach her. He is able to reach Aries and bring her back to the spaceship where she repeatedly thanks him again. As the group wonders how they can get out of their situation, Zack is working on the ship's coordinates and finds some disturbing information. He says that they are no longer above Plane McPa and that they are 5,012 light-years away from their original location. The group could do nothing but react with shock at this news.

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Athleticism - Kanata's training under his father has made him a stellar athlete. His raw ability is shown in his chasing and catching up to a thief on a unibike, as well as jumping from tree-poline to tree-poline and spearing a tur-gon with a javelin-like pole on the planet Vilavurs.

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Both of them place deep trust in each other. Early in the series, Charce claims that he'll be Kanata's right hand man. Later on in episode 11 when Charce realizes that he doesn't want to kill anyone and attempts suicide, Kanata saves him and loses his right arm in the process. Kanata then says that he wants Charce to be his right hand man and he agrees. After the seven year timeskip, Kanata asks Charce for Aries' hand in marriage and later the two are seen along with Zack voyaging out into space.

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  • His first name can be written as "彼方" meaning "the other side" or "far away". Hoshijima can be written as "星島" meaning "star island".
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