Funicia Raffaeli (フ二シア ラフアエり, Funishia Rafuaeri) is a member of Group B-5 and the younger sister of Quitterie Raffaeli. Her nickname is Funi.

Appearance Edit

Funicia has tan skin with long blonde hair that flows down to her torso and violet eyes. Her crust suit, an SMB make oriented toward children, is mostly red and blue with green outlines and is unique in that it is the only spacesuit that has a dress accessory. Its power pack is formed in the shape of a teddy bear's face.

Personality Edit

Funicia is a nice and polite girl for her age; she shows kindness to the other members of the crew, including Quitterie, regardless of the coldness her older sister showed to her at the beginning of the voyage of the Astra. She has a tendency to hold her emotions within herself rather than voice them to the others. She carries Beego, a puppet-based on a character from a show she likes, around with her; it voices her inner thoughts for her in the voice of a foul-mouthed old man.

Plot Edit

In 2063 A.D., Funicia gathers at Mousanish Spaceport along with the other members of Group B-5 except for Aries Spring and Kanata Hoshijima, the former who joins them shortly afterward and introduces herself. The teacher introduces her and her sister Quitterie and says that Funicia will be joining them as part of a unique task to care for and teach a younger child. When Funicia tries introducing herself politely to the rest of the group, she is cut off by Luca Esposito who states that he does not like kids. Funicia then takes out her puppet Beego and begins to badmouth Luca much to his surprise. Once Kanata has finally arrived, the group then boards the spaceship to begin their four-hour journey to Planet McPa. Upon landing, they exit the spaceship and walk around for a bit when Luca points out a strange globe that's been approaching them. They try to run away from it, but the strange globe is able to absorb and send them all into outer space.

They are able to find a nearby spaceship and upon collecting their luggage, they are able to board it safely. When Kanata asks if everyone is here and if they're hurt, Zack Walker says that there is one person missing. Ulgar Zweig looks out the window and sees that Aries is still floating outside, with her thrusters and communications unable to work. Kanata volunteers to go out and rescue Aries while the rest of the group watch over the cord tying him to the ship. He is able to successfully grab Aries and bring her back to the ship where she thanks him repeatedly. As the group wonders how they can get out of their situation, Zack is working on the ship's coordinates and finds some disturbing information. He says that they are no longer above Plane McPa and that they are 5,012 light-years away from their original location. The group could do nothing but react with shock at this news.

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Quitterie Raffaeli Edit

She looks up to her older sister a great deal and is sad when Quitterie doesn't seem to like her. After the first planet, the relationship between the two becomes a lot better. She has the same DNA as Quitterie Raffaeli.

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