"Planet Camp" is the 1st episode of the Astra Lost in Space anime.

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On her way to the planetary camp, Aries Spring has her bag snatched at the spaceport, but fellow student Kanata Hoshijima stops the thief. Nine students from Caird High School arrive at the planet McPa for their planetary camp. Not long after setting foot, a mysterious sphere appears out of nowhere and swallows up the students. They end up adrift in space where they find an abandoned spaceship. Everybody except Aries makes it on board. At the risk of running out of fuel and also ending up lost in space, Kanata goes out and rescues Aries. Kanata runs out of fuel, but the other students form a human ladder to rescue Kanata and Aries. With everybody safely onboard the spaceship, the students introduce themselves to each other, and Zack Walker learns that the sphere transported them 5012 light-years away from home. As paranoia sets in realizing that the trip is impossible with the limited resources they have, the mood changes when Zack finds planets the students can resupply on and a route to get back. The students name the spaceship the Astra after seeing the phrase Per Aspera ad Astra on a plaque inside the spaceship.

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