Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of the Astra Lost in Space manga.

Synopsis Edit

As he throws himself over the edge of the chasm toward the nearest tree-poline platform, Kanata is thinking of his past. The memory of his ill-fated hiking trip and the struggle for survival, as well as memories of his intense athletic training, both scenes tied together by the regret that he possesses too little strength and the drive to gain more. Clearing the distance, he lands on the edge of the tree-poline; the others are shocked by Kanata's feat, and Zack, suddenly recalling that Kanata is a world-class decathlete, explains what a decathlon is. The knowledge of how hard Kanata has worked to be as strong as he astonishes them; Aries remarks to herself that, for all his accomplishments and abilities, his inability to fly is not stopping him from trying to save Funicia anyway, risking his own life to save that of a friend. The group begins cheering him on as he jumps to a second treetop, growing more exhausted with every jump he makes.

He is two treetops from Funicia when the tur-gon finally grabs her and starts flying away with her. Unable to jump high enough to grab it, let alone reach the treetop Funicia was on, Kanata looks around in desperation and sees Luca's spear lying on the grass next to him; he immediately takes it in his hands and throws it like a javelin at the tur-gon, striking it in the side. The blow to the tur-gon is fatal; as it falls to the ground below, it crashes off a tree-poline, inadvertently leaving Funicia behind on its grassy surface. Kanata leaps the last two treetops to where Funicia is, reminding Aries of when he left the safety of the ship to rescue her when she was floating in space, but as he steps toward her, his foot slips, and he falls off the tree. He is saved by Quitterie, who has released a large number of parachute-plants into the air below him. Hanging from the parachute, Kanata grabs Funicia, and as they sink slowly toward the ground, Kanata congratulates Funicia on a job well done.

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