Aries Spring (アりエス スプりング Ariesu Spuringu) is a member of Group B-5.

Appearance Edit

Aries has a light complexion, with pink hair that curls slightly at the very end. Her most distinctive physical feature is her heterochromia; her left and right eyes are green and yellow, respectively. Her crust suit, manufactured by Hyperion, is mostly white and pink, and the decorative pieces in her hair are Hyperion-made to go with her suit.

Personality Edit

Aries is a very cheerful and optimistic girl. She can be quite forgetful with regard to spacial awareness, often forgetting things such as packing her passport before Planet Camp. She also tends to get her words mixed up and say random things. According to her friends, she is careless and is frequently told that she can't take a hint. She is also a very grateful person, prone to repeatedly thanking someone who has helped her, she is also very cute.

Background Edit

Aries lived in the countryside for most of her life, only moving when she transferred to Caird High School about one month before the start of Planet Camp.

Plot Edit

In 2063 A.D. Aries leaves home for a five-day camping trip to Planet McPa, nearly forgetting to pack her passport. At the Mousanish Spaceport, while she sings merrily to herself, a thief snatches her purse, but a young man comes to her aid, subduing the thief. As Aries thanks him for his help, the young man is carried away by a group of patrol-bots. After joining the other members of Group B-5 and introducing herself to them, their teacher then introduces the others in the group, as well as establishing that Quitterie Raffaelli and her younger sister Funicia Raffaelli will be joining them as part of a unique task to take care of and teach a younger child. Just as Aries asks him about a missing member, the young man comes up behind them, still being carried by the patrol-bots, and introduces himself as Kanata Hoshijima.

The group then boards their spaceship to begin their four-hour journey to Planet McPa. On the way, she speaks with Quitterie who says she has no intention of playing around with anyone, but she ignores her and says that she wishes to be friends with everyone. Once everyone can move freely around the cabin, Aries approaches Kanata and thanks him for his help. As they eat a small snack, Aries asks him why he wants to become the group captain and he tells her that he wants to become an explorer with his own spaceship and crew. He says that he is just taking on the dreams of a person who passed away and wishes to make it his own aspirations. Aries is moved by this and says that she will cheer him on. Upon landing on Planet McPa, they exit the spaceship and walk around for a bit when Luca Esposito points out a strange globe that's been approaching them. They try to run away from it, but the strange globe is able to absorb and send them all into outer space.

Everyone is able to board a nearby spaceship except for Aries as her thrusters and communication system are not properly working. As Aries is panicking about her situation and is afraid that she is going to die, she notices that Kanata has come to rescue her. As he finally reaches her, she holds onto him and repeatedly thanks him over and over even though Kanata can only hear mumblings. He leads her back to the spaceship where she thanks him again after taking off her spacesuit. As the group wonders how they can get out of their situation, Zack Walker is working on the ship's coordinates and finds some disturbing information. He says that they are no longer above Planet McPa and that they are 5,012 light-years away from their original location. The group could do nothing but react with shock at this news.

Skills Edit

Photographic Memory - Aries possesses an eidetic memory, enabling her to memorize anything she sees instantly. She first utilizes this ability for the benefit of the group on Vilavurs, during the group's second encounter with the orb; as it pursues them, she guides the group out of the forest by remembering the things they passed on the way in. This moment also has repercussions for the group in the future.

Relationships Edit

Emma Spring Edit

Emma is Aries’ surrogate mother. Despite not being blood related Emma loves her daughter very much and Aries does so in return. After Aries learns the truth about her not being her biological mother and that she was a clone, her love for her mother was unaffected. When they reunited, Aries was visibly happy.

Kanata Hoshijima Edit

After Kanata saved her life, Aries grew pretty fond of him and her beg and to develop feelings for him although she denied it to Quitterie. She was shown to be extremely concerned after Kanata lost his right arm saving Charce. When they returned to their home planet, Astra the two held hands and by the end of the series, Kanata proposed to her and the two eventually got married.

Quitterie Raffaeli Edit

In episode 1, Aries sought out to make friends with her, which Quitterie denies. Later on throughout the series, Aries is seen comforting her whenever she breaks down. The two talk about which boys they like along with Yun-Hua and Funicia, implying they trust each other. Seven years later, they still are close and hug each other after learning the good news about Aries and Kanata.

Funicia Raffaeli Edit

Zack Walker Edit

Luca Esposito Edit

Charce Lacroix Edit

Both of them are on very good terms with each other. Because Charce knows that Aries was cloned after his precious friend Seira, attempts to kill everyone but only take back Aries. However he still loves her dearly as a friend.

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Ulgar Zweig Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Her name Aries is a reference to the Aries constellation.
  • Curiously, in the astrology, Aries ends on 19th April, the day before her birthday.
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